‘I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.’ (John 10:10).

The vision for education in Sandhurst is to provide, in partnership with our families, stimulating, enriching, liberating and nurturing learning environments in each of our Catholic school communities.

In this context, school improvement is not an end in itself, but rather its intention is the flourishing of all. The Charter of Sandhurst School Improvement (CoSSI) is designed to provide a:

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Inspired by the Catholic story

Our schools: engaging fully with human potential inspired by the Catholic story.

All thinking about school improvement in Sandhurst centres on the Sandhurst School Education Board (SSEB) Identity Statement.

Our schools actively assist each of our students to flourish into the person God calls them to be. This flourishing is a rich experience which engages and affects the whole person.

Catholic education unites the mission of the Church with service to the total development of the human person … it is about human flourishing in a deeply Christian understanding – whatever makes a student more wise, more loving, more fully human is making the student reflect more fully the image of God. 

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Every school can improve

We believe that every student can learn and every school can improve. It is this vision that calls us forward to growth and improvement in the education of all students in our care. Our work across Sandhurst is to:

  • build cultures of school improvement & performance
  • enhance the Catholic Identity of school communities
  • build capacity for collaborative leadership
  • build cultures of pastoral wellbeing
  • build cultures of stewardship.

The impetus for this work is embedded in the Sandhurst Strategic Plan (2012-2015), the Source of Life core document and the SSEB Charter for Governance. These core documents, with the Charter of School Improvement, provide the foundation for school improvement in Sandhurst.


School improvement

School improvement in this context puts the person at the centre of our reflection, planning and implementation.

‘The task of the educator is to bring all students to the edge of their own divine possibilities for recognising the divine everywhere … for every human experience is a threshold to God.’