In living out the SSEB vision,

‘Catholic education unites the mission of the Church with service to the total development of the human person.’ 

The ultimate indicator of the quality of our schools is the extent to which
our students, our people and our schools are flourishing.

Christianity in the Catholic Tradition is shaped by foundational beliefs that name, guide and guard the Catholic identity of our schools.

School improvement around Catholic Identity may be considered, described, evaluated and validated according to how fully our schools are:

  • sacramental
  • life-giving
  • faithful
  • just
  • inclusive

While Catholic schools recognise the religious freedom and personal conscience of the individual they cannot relinquish the right to proclaim the non-negotiables of the Tradition . These have developed as the great rivers of faith and meaning that flow throughout the Tradition and can nurture the spirituality of individuals and communities.

The Catholic Identity of Sandhurst schools flows in part from the values that are at the heart of our approach to schooling. While all values can influence all dimensions of school improvement, there are some values that can be explicitly linked to the Quality Indicators of Catholic Identity as shown below:

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The principle of sacramentality in Catholic Christianity describes a belief that God comes to us and we go to God through the ordinary and everyday – through creation, experience and relationship.

The seven sacraments are ‘high point’ encounters with God in Jesus by the Holy Spirit. Eucharist is the ‘sacrament of sacraments’ in Catholic spirituality (Aquinas) and it assists us to rediscover God in the bits and pieces of everyday.

Catholic schools build a sense of sacramentality and the sacramental by:

  • actively looking at and through life in the world – at what ‘is’ and what could be and should be
  • caring for creation as stewards
  • nurturing imagination, contemplation and generativity and developing a ‘sacramental consciousness.’


Sacramental values

We celebrate the presence of God in our midst in the wonder and gifts of each person, in the beauty and awe of God’s creation, in the daily events of our world. We strive to live in right relationship with the earth and all God’s creatures.

We rejoice in the creativity and gifts of the Spirit in each person. We believe God is present in each of us – in our working, our praying and our being together.