In support of quality learning and teaching and informed by contemporary research and practice, Sandhurst schools are expected to have in place:

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A Learning & Teaching Policy that includes:

  • Domain policies (including Religious Education)
  • Assessment & Reporting Policy and practice
  • Professional Learning policy and agreed practices that enhance student learning
  • Learning Technologies policy
  • Pathways and Transition policy
  • Procedures for curriculum planning, implementation, review and development

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Leadership for learning

  • Leadership in learning and teaching across the school
  • School-wide instructional practices based on contemporary educational research
  • Insight SRC, NAPLAN, VCE, VET and VCAL data on student learning (where applicable) to inform school improvement goals in learning and teaching
  • Professional learning plans
  • Procedures for shared provision
  • Appropriate resourcing of curriculum

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Professional learning communities

  • Strategic planning of curriculum
  • Collaboration and shared responsibility between teachers in the planning, instruction, assessment and evaluation of teaching and student learning
  • Student learning data analyzed to inform teaching and learning decision making
  • Differentiation of curriculum for students, including the development, implementation and monitoring of individual learning plans and/or pathways for students
  • Student engagement in goal setting and decision making about their learning
  • A range of assessment and feedback strategies used across the curriculum
  • Intervention procedures and agreed practices when students don’t learn
  • Partnership and communication with families regarding student learning and curriculum
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Reflecting quality indicators

  • Student learning experiences that reflect the quality indicators
  • Learning environments that reflect the quality indicators

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  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives and education embedded in the curriculum
  • Sustainability education and practices embedded in the curriculum
  • Social Justice perspectives and education embedded in the curriculum



  • Curriculum based on Diocesan, State and Commonwealth mandated curriculum
  • Compliance with Commonwealth Government Reporting requirements