Pastoral Wellbeing in Sandhurst schools is inspired by the Catholic story. In the context of school improvement, Pastoral Wellbeing may be considered, described, evaluated and validated according to how fully it is able to deliver:

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Safe and positive school environment

The foundation for wellbeing is a safe and positive school environment - effective Catholic schools provide a safe, supportive and secure environment - one that values diversity and promotes care, respect and cooperation.

Such an environment affirms the right of all members to feel safe at school and supports students to grow and develop.

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Positive decisions

The whole school shares responsibility for providing students with opportunities to learn the knowledge, skills and dispositions needed for positive relationships.

Students are taught to identify unsafe situations and make positive decisions to support their own safety. They are actively supported to take positive risks in their learning.

Leadership ensures that roles and responsibilities of all members of the school community are explicit, disseminated, clearly understood and met. 


Positive school environment

A positive school environment ensures that all members of the school community experience active care, active support and active encouragement.

Such schools practice inclusion, communication, belonging and the purposeful collaborative involvement of students, staff and families.

A positive school environment is guided by Gospel values and honours the dignity of the individual, the family and the school.

The desire to enable each student to successfully engage in learning is translated into meaningful, rigorous and connected policies, procedures, initiatives and practices.