Welcome to CoSSI, known more formally as
the Charter of Sandhurst School Improvement!

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CoSSI heralds an innovative and increasingly disciplined approach to school improvement which will bring to life the vision and identity of Catholic Education in Sandhurst:

Our Schools: Engaging fully with human potential inspired by the Christian story.

The Guiding Principles of all aspects of Catholic education in Sandhurst inspire CoSSI. Fundamental is the call to mission, within a spirit of co-responsibility and stewardship for both the Christian story and the temporal goods. The mission is enabled through a commitment to the principle of subsidiarity and authentic dialogue in all contexts.

At the heart of CoSSI is the focus on relationships – the who of learning as well as the what of learning. O’Leary inspires CoSSI reminding us that ‘the task of the educator is to bring all students to the edge of their own divine possibilities for recognising the divine everywhere … for every human experience is a threshold to God.’

The key relationships with

  • students
  • families
  • staff
  • parish and the
  • broader community all influence and are influenced by the processes and outcomes of CoSSI.


The Charter for Sandhurst School Improvement represents both our call and response to the possibilities that Catholic schooling offers the Sandhurst community.

Catholic Education Sandhurst is a community of people committed to:

  • Covenant relationships
  • Being consciously transformational
  • Professional , personal and communal growth
  • Students and their learning
  • The Diocesan vision

This commitment is expressed not only through CoSSI but through the foundational documents of Source of Life Religious Education Core Document and the Sandhurst School Education Board Charter for Governance which all combine to inspire our aspiration to continuous improvement in all aspects of Catholic Education Sandhurst.

You are invited to encounter CoSSI in the following pages! May the journey transform the lives of students, staff and families as we serve the ‘common good’ of the Australian and universal community.