The stewardship of resources is achieved through a cycle of reflection, planning and action; and the quality of this
dimension is considered in light of a number of indicators.

School improvement around Stewardship of Resources is inspired by the Catholic story and may be considered, described, evaluated and validated according to how fully our schools respond to the quality indicators:

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As part of their mission, our Catholic schools engage with the wider community through a range of informal and formal partnerships.

Schools draw on the resources and knowledge of the local community and enter into partnerships that are mutually beneficial to the school and the wider community.

While schools have autonomy in many areas of decision-making, other decisions are made at system or diocesan level or within appropriate and relevant guidelines.


Improve skills and knowledge

Sandhurst provides a number of opportunities for people to improve knowledge and skills in the stewardship of school resources.

Staff are encouraged to identify their professional learning needs and plan their development in partnership with the school and system.